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The Disadvantages of Coworking Spaces: How To Solve Them

Find out the biggest disadvantages of coworking spaces and how to solve them easily by selecting the best shared workspace. Don't buy a lie!


Top 4 Coworking Spaces in Singapore for Small Businesses [2024]

Discover the enterprise-friendly and best coworking spaces in Singapore. Find your ideal workspace for productivity and collaboration.


Hot Desk Meaning: The Benefits and Challenges

Find out what it means to hot desk, along with the benefits and challenges of this growing flexible workspace solution.


Are Coworking Spaces Worth It? The Pros, Cons & Costs

Find out the pros, cons, and costs of a coworking space to determine if this growing flexible workspace solution is worth it for your business.


How Many Coworking Spaces Are There in The World? [2024] Coworking Statistics

Find out how many coworking spaces there are in the world and all the essential coworking statistics you need to know about this booming flexible workspace industry.


MBFC Office Rental: Why It's Your Ideal Location

Find out why an office rental at the Marina Bay Financial Centre is your ideal location for conducting business on a local and global scale.


Singapore Office Space Guide 2023

Looking for the perfect office space in Singapore? This guide will provide a comprehensive overview on the costs, locations, and office space alternatives businesses can explore for their workspace solution.


How to Choose an Office Space: Ultimate 2023 Guide

Deciding how to choose an office space? Read this ultimate guide to comprehensively understand what factors you should consider before leasing a rental office.


Best Virtual Office in Singapore: What to look for

Looking for the best virtual office in Singapore? This guide will comprehensively discuss the standout features of the best virtual offices and what you should look for before signing up.


Serviced Office vs Coworking Space: A Comprehensive Comparison

Unsure whether coworking spaces or serviced offices are better for your business? This comprehensive guide will cover the advantages and disadvantages of these flexible workspaces so you can make an informed decision.


Are coworking spaces safe?

Are coworking spaces safe? Find out the common security challenges found in a coworking space and how you can select the safest workspace.


Start up business office space: What to look for

Find out what you need to look out for when selecting your startup office space.


Startup Office Spaces - Best Office Types for Your Startup

A startup requires a unique, fun & optimised office space to work in. Here are the best types of office spaces you need for your startup.


Coworking for Startups: Everything you Need to Know

Coworking is a modern workplace that allows you to work from anywhere. Learn about the benefits of coworking for startups, and how coworking can help you grow your business.


Who Uses and Benefits from Coworking Spaces?

Working outside of the conventional office environment is no stranger to Singapore. To combat these work burnout symptoms, independent professionals are now using coworking spaces.


Office Space for Lawyers – Best Office Types for Law Firms

Learn about the different types of offices that law firms can choose from for their needs & which factors are most important when choosing an office space.


Office Space Per Employee: How Much Do You Need in Singapore?

Find out the ideal office space per person for your business in Singapore. Calculate and optimize your office space requirements with our expert guidance.


What is a family office? Why you need one and how it works

What is a family office? Discover what it is and why you need one. Learn how a family office works and make informed decisions for your financial future.


Conference Room vs. Meeting Room: Key Differences

Explore the vital distinctions between meeting rooms & conference rooms to choose the ideal space for your professional gatherings.


Do Businesses Still Need a Landline? The Pros & Cons of a Landline Phone

Now that smartphones are easily available and offer more functionality than a landline phone, is landline still necessary? This article will explain the advantages and disadvantages of having a fixed-line phone for businesses big and small.


Osaka Office Space Guide 2023

This updated guide will help you find your ideal office space in Osaka and give a local rundown on the most important factors to look for.


How to Choose a Coworking Space: 9 Tips to Consider in 2023

Follow these nine steps to know how to choose a coworking space and become an expert on the key differences between coworking space providers.


Virtual Office vs Home Office: Which One is Right for You

Discover the differences between virtual and home offices, and determine which workspace is the perfect fit for your business needs with this guide.


What Is A Virtual Receptionist & How It Can Help Your Business

Discover all the ways a virtual receptionist can help your business with answering phones, taking messages, providing customer service & much more!


How to get a virtual address

A virtual address is a convenient solution for businesses that need a professional address without the cost and maintenance of a physical office.


How to Use Correlation in Business Decision Making

Correlation is an important concept that can be used to analyse data sets and assist business leaders in gaining useful insights into the relationships between business outcomes.


Leasing Office Space: The Ultimate Cost Saving Guide 2023

This guide will provide a complete overview on all the costs related to leasing an office space and provide cost saving advice.


How to Start a Remote Business in Singapore

Starting a remote business in Singapore is an exciting prospect, but there are several legal considerations to make before getting started.


Five Tips for Small Businesses to Reduce Operational Costs

Although it may not be easy, every small business that wants to succeed in the long run should have a strategy that strictly keeps its operational costs to only what is necessary


The Benefits of Secretarial and Telephone Answering Services

Telephone answering services and secretarial support can be time saving method and mitigate the risk of wasted productivity.


Why Malaysia is Ideal for International Business

Malaysia’s well-developed infrastructure and connection to the global economy makes it an attractive destination for businesses to expand their operations or set up a new one.


Hybrid Work: Why Singaporean Businesses are switching to Flexible Workspaces

Although Singaporean businesses have now transitioned into living with Covid, flexible workplace arrangements are still being adopted in the primary form of coworking spaces.


Is Coworking Worth it in Singapore?

Organisations are rethinking their workplace strategy and reducing overhead costs by resorting to coworking spaces. However, many businesses raise the question, is coworking worth it?


Cybersecurity in the workplace: How to Stop Data Breaches

As businesses continue to transition away from the traditional office space, the need for high security measures becomes increasingly important.


Covid-19: Changes in Consumer Purchase Behaviour and What Are Consumers Looking For in 2022?

Find out what consumer purchasing behavior is, why it's important to your marketing strategy, and the shift toward heavily experience driven satisfaction that has occurred as a result of COVID-19.


Hybrid Offices: The Post-Covid Workspace Solution

Since the pandemic, many businesses have realised that the hybrid office concept and demand for remote work has not only increased, but is likely here to stay.


What is Flexible Workspace? Why Flexible Office Spaces are becoming common

Learn what it means to have a flexible workspace and the benefits you can get from using one. Discover ways to implement flex-space into your business, which technology you need, and tips for setting up these spaces successfully.


Where to meet clients when working from home: The first impression

Now that working from home is a common occurrence, one of the most frequent questions which arise is where should I meet my clients?


Tips for renting your first office space: small businesses

The endeavour of renting a new office space for small businesses is a significant step and a milestone to celebrate upon completion.


How to start your own law firm from home [2022]

One of the biggest costs of running a law firm is getting an office space. Although operating from home provides a factor of convenience it also presents the challenge of not knowing how clients will perceive your firm.


Hub-And-Spoke Office Model: What is it, what are the benefits, is it a hybrid solution?

The appeal for flexible and smarter workspaces has dramatically increased, allowing the hub and spoke to resurface as it favours the well sought out hybrid working conditions.


How Much Office Space Do I Need Per Employee in Singapore?

When setting up a new business or moving to a new location, one of the most important questions you’ll need ask is how much office space do I need?


What is a Hybrid Office and is it the future?

The hybrid office arrangement is designed so employees can rotate between working from the office, and working from home to perform their work day. This was not unfamiliar prior to Covid-19, however due to working from home restrictions, it has quickly become the “New Normal” for organisations worldwide.


What Is Hot Desking? Why it’s beneficial for businesses to increase productivity and collaboration?

In today's business world, hot desking has allowed people to move around desks within a day, making it useful for both self-employed people and large businesses corporates to keep productive and connected while on the move. Read on to find out more about hot desking and how it can benefit your business.


What is Coworking?

Coworking spaces are being adopted by more large companies aiming to eliminate the cost of under-utilised and empty office space, and also give employees greater flexibility when and where they work from. Although this is an important factor, coworking spaces offer a lot more than simply reducing business expenses.


ESOPs Essentials for Beginners (Employee Stock Option Plans) in Singapore

Startups and growing companies often use a tool called ESOPS (Employee Stock Option Plans) to incentivise the employees in a way that doesn’t put a pressure on the existing cash flow. In this article you'll learn more about ESOP, its benefits, and factors to consider in the process.


How to downsize your business in 2022 without losing credibility

When a business downsizes the first thing that takes a hit is its credibility and public perception. Although a company may need to reduce either its physical or organisational size due to financial reasons, it’s important to not appear unstable.


What is a Trademark - Beginner Essentials

In Singapore, a trade mark is described as "a mark" that is represented visually as a symbol, used by a trader to legally distinguish themselves from other competing traders, offering similar products or services. In this article you will find a general overview of the nature of trademarks and its advantages.


SSIC Codes in Singapore - What You Need to Know

A Singapore Standard Industrial Classification Code, commonly known as an SSIC code, is a number given to specify a company's operations that will occur in Singapore. This article provides a comprehensive guide of what you need to start your operation in Singapore.


Registering a Company in Singapore - Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever considered operating a business in Singapore? This article covers important information about establishing a company and conducting business in Singapore, including the regulations, processes, and timelines.


Guide to ACRA: Registrar of Companies (ROC) in Singapore

ACRA is the statutory board that regulates businesses and public accountants in and promotes their growth in Singapore. This article explores the role of ACRA and the process in submitting applications to register your business in Singapore.


Difference between a corporate office and a registered office

If you’re looking to learn about the difference between a registered office and a corporate office, you’re in the right place. This blog explains the difference between the two types of offices, whether you need a registered office for your business and where you can find a registered office address.


Why a Virtual Office is Better than Having a PO Box Address in Singapore

In need of a new address for your business? Well, the team at Servcorp have got you covered, whether it be a PO Box, or a virtual business address that you’re interested in, we’ve done the research for both, and, while PO Boxes can be a solid choice for some, there are legitimate downsides to choosing this service over a virtual office. Let’s examine why this could be the case, but first, what’s the difference between the two?


Royal Mail Redirection For Your Business in Singapore

In this article you will find essential information regarding how to redirect Royal Mail for your business as a result of relocation, including associated costs.


Unique Entity Number: What is it? Do you need one for your business?

The UEN is a unique 9 or 10-digit identification number that Singapore's government assigns to all businesses that operate within the country. Read this article to find out more on why UEN is required for your business.


What is ACRA and Why is it important to businesses in Singapore?

The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA) is responsible for the registration of corporate entities in Singapore. Every business operating in Singapore needs to register with ACRA. Read more to find out how to register your business with ACRA Singapore.


Productivity + Work-life Balance: The (BEST) mantra for a successful career

Improved business productivity yields more revenue, reduces costs and provides bigger profits. Below are a few ways businesses can enhance their employees and business work ethic to build a robust workforce.


Reasons to hire a virtual assistant for your business

A virtual assistant can free up time so you can focus on ways to grow. Plus putting the work in the hands of a professional is more cost-effective and efficient than doing everything yourself. If your business is taking off and you can’t find the time to get everything done, think smart and delegate work to an expert.


What You Need to Know Before Offshoring

As Shakespeare famously said, “All the world’s a stage”. And in today’s business world, if you’re not playing on it, you may be missing a golden opportunity to lower your costs and grow your business.


The Future of Work: Impact of COVID on Professional Services

Covid-19 has changed how businesses engage with consumers. New trends are emerging with less traditional ways of meeting consumers & digital transformations.


Virtual Offices vs. Serviced Offices: Which is Right for You?

In today’s modern working environment where flexibility is key, there are a range of working environments to choose from, including serviced and virtual offices.


Overcoming Networking Challenges

Networking is an essential skill for all business people keen to advance their careers, but successfully making connections doesn’t always come easily.


Transition into the Future of Work with Servcorp

Workspace practices have evolved quickly and shifted into the world of remote working. Over the year, many companies roll out the best arrangements that will not compromise on their employees’ safety and productivity.


Singapore Sling – Catapulting Your Business to Success In Asia

Expanding a business internationally is always an endeavor fraught with tension, potential pitfalls and stresses. On the positive side, the rewards are rich for those that can successfully navigate this transition and succeed in gaining a foothold in the Asian market.


What Do Businesses in Singapore Need to Keep Up in the Global Marketplace?

It is no secret that Singapore is currently a haven for start-up companies and ambitious entrepreneurs. Thanks to a rich combination of tech savvy shoppers, easy access to funding, and very appealing tax rates, it is considered one of the best places in the world to set up a business.


6 Strategies to make your meetings work for you!

The objective of meetings is to engage teams to discuss issues, generate ideas and drive results. However, meetings are now often as valuable as only a twitter post that has a lifespan of 24 minutes.


How Increased Costs Stand to Affect Singapore’s Business Landscape

For many years, Singapore has been ranked as one of the most expensive places on the planet to live and set up a business. It is a testament to the strengths of the market here that plenty of entrepreneurs are still keen to build their brand in the country.


The Difference Between Servcorp Virtual Offices and Other Providers in Singapore

Singapore has become one of the world's most popular countries for investors and new startups. It has modern transportation including seaports and air transportation. Entrepreneurs come each year hoping to build a successful business and many do just that.


Coworking Spaces in Singapore

Singapore has become a financial center due to its exceptional seaports that encourage import export enterprise. This has also caused a lack of good office space for rent in the most popular regions.


Best Places in Singapore to Look for Executive Suites

With Singapore being the principal business center of Asia, the growth of industry in the region is greater than ever before. With this growth comes the requirement of professional and attractive workspaces that can handle all business needs.


Tips for Working with Temp Agencies in Singapore

Everyone is looking for his or her dream job in Singapore, but sometimes you have to work your way inside a company, and this can be done by working through temp agencies.


Expand Your Business into Singapore, the Most Pro-Business Country in the World

According to a Forbes Magazine article in late 2015, the World Bank confirmed that Singapore is still the best place in the world to do business. Just about any business can be profitable there as long as that company has been set up properly and has good management.


Home Office vs. Virtual Office in Singapore: What You Need to Know

The latest World Bank Group report on the ease of doing business ranks Singapore as the best country to do business in the entire East Asia and Pacific region and the world as a whole.


5 Working from home tips to ease cabin fever

If working from home tips you over the edge of sanity, you’re not alone.


The Advantages of Being a Remote Worker in Singapore

If you are in Singapore, and you wish to work remotely from home or elsewhere rather than in an office, then it is now more possible than ever before because of current technology.


Is your workforce plan on track to meet the challenges of Singapore's rapidly changing economy?

Business has changed—whether it’s permanent or we’ll bounce back to something recognizable as the pre-COVID status quo is anyone’s bet at the moment.


Covid-19 Workplace Planning: How to build a workforce strategy for the future

As organisations begin to deal with the COVID-19 fallout, one thing is becoming increasingly clear—the impact of coronavirus on how we work will linger for some time to come. And that’s why your workforce plan is more vital than ever.


How to keep your business running smoothly through the COVID-19 outbreak

The Coronavirus outbreak is causing chaos for businesses worldwide. With workers unable to even get into their offices and having to work from home, traditional office setups are dealing with some big challenges. Here are seven ways Servcorp can help your business become Coronavirus-proof.