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Royal Mail Redirection For Your Business in Singapore


In this article you will find essential information regarding how to redirect Royal Mail for your business as a result of relocation, including associated costs. 

Reasons why a Business may relocate: 

  • Improved living conditions in another city 
  • To gain a more prestigious or attractive address 
  • A third party could purchase the business 
  • Decline of the current business address 
  • More cost effective business address 
  • Business requires facility upgrade 
  • Higher potential for employees in another location 

Distinguishing Business Redirection and Business Diversion

Business redirection is defined as your entire company moving, while business diversion is only part of your business moving. Business redirection shouldn't be carried out in a multi-use facility, which means there are multiple businesses at a delivery point, whereas Business diversion can.

Businesses Requiring Mail Redirection Services 

An essential part of owning a business is making it easy for your customers to contact you regarding important business communications regarding your services. An essential process of relocating your business is also redirecting your mail. Whether you're relocating your business in the short or long term, it’s a vitally important aspect to maintaining a strong and seamless communications with customers, and also allows more flexibility for mail direction for the required period of time. 

Mail Redirection can be performed seamlessly via Royal Mail, through an online application. The redirection should be established quickly, due to the process taking up to 5 working days. You can opt to redirect your mail for a set period of time which can vary from months to a year, or you can extend the period if needed. 

To redirect your mail to an address, to an alternative Singapore address it will cost SGD $398, $592 for up to 6 months, and $957 for up to one year. The charges for international addresses are as follows: For three months, they'll be $465, for up to six months, they'll be $721, and for a year, they'll be $1229. 

Where You Can Redirect Mail to: 

If you are planning to redirect your mail to an alternate address and don’t know where or are simply looking for a more prestigious address, Servcorp's virtual offices can help. Our virtual offices come with their own address and with mail and courier management. On top of this, we offer the first month free! 

Looking to start a new business in Singapore? 

Servcorp provides a one-stop-shop solution with tailored service packages for businesses looking to establish themselves within Singapore. 

A Servcorp Address Package allows you to position your business with a quality image when you incorporate with one of our five 5-star CBD addresses in Singapore, including mail and courier management. 

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