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How to Find Employees in Singapore


With Singapore rising in popularity around the world as a home for new startups, employers come each year to try and establish a successful business. Of course, it's important to have skilled employees that you can count on. There is a good pool of well-trained employees in Singapore, but it can often be difficult to find people with the specific skills that you need. 

Job Web Sites 

As with all foreign countries, Singapore has many good job websites where the various occupations are broken down into easy to find categories. Free websites where good employees can be found include,, and, among others. Most of these websites are easy to use and offer help if you need it. A few specialize in jobs for expats or newcomers and these include, and 

Local Newspapers 

Local newspapers in Singapore have job listings that are broken down for employees and employers. This includes regular print newspapers as well as digital newspapers. When searching online, you can include specific criteria to help you get exactly the right skills for your position. Print newspapers also sometimes have jobs broken down into categories like clerical, administrative, laborers, and others. 

Trade Magazines 

This is another excellent source of good employees in Singapore. Regardless of what industry you are in, there are countless trade magazines for your industry. These usually include a listing of potential jobs for those job searchers and companies looking for skilled employees. Trade magazines sometimes offer better results to employees because they reach a specialized group of workers. 

Singapore Recruitment Agencies 

Recruitment agencies are free for employees to use but companies must pay a fee in most cases. The fees do range widely, so it can be a good idea to search for the best deals from recruitment agencies. The most attractive aspect of using a recruiter is that they normally check all references, education, and other information on each job applicant. This type of screening means that you will get a better employee that can truly do the job they are hired for. Once you establish a relationship with a job recruiter you can contact them any time you need an employee for any position and they can help. This is one of the most convenient ways to find employees in Singapore. It is especially helpful for those who are just starting out and don't have time to do all the legwork themselves. 

Tips for Success 

Be sure to ask about references, education, language skills and other important requirements for your position. Often job seekers will exaggerate their skills and so it's important to call and check to ensure that workers can do the job. New workers sign on to these sites each day so the job pool can change quite a bit from day to day. Many people take the weekend to sign up at employment websites so Mondays are a good time to search. 

Professional Office Space That Includes Employees 

An excellent method of getting the best employees for your business involves working with a provider of virtual office space. You can lease day offices, meeting rooms or whatever services you need from Servcorp Serviced Offices. Their employees are highly skilled and bilingual. This will save time and money because you can get good employees, along with office space in any size or for any length of time. 

For one monthly fee, you can get a long list of attractive amenities and there are no contracts to sign. Leased office space is available and includes a dedicated receptionist, bilingual HR and IT personnel and highly skilled staff members who can step in at a moment's notice to help out with a big project. Meeting and boardrooms are also available for those big presentations or meetings with important investors. Call today to get free quotes and information about offices, meeting rooms and boardrooms.

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