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Singapore Incubators - The 5 Schemes to Look Out For

Singapore is one of the best places in the world to build a startup, with easy access to major Asian cities in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and more. Singapore also has many funding opportunities available through incubators and accelerators, and has some of the world’s best tech talents, making it the perfect startup location for entrepreneurs.


Grants for Start-ups in Singapore

Singapore has everything that a new business could possibly need, including business-incubating infrastructure, tax incentives, cash grants, and financial assistance packages. To fuel the growth of start-up ventures, the government has recently introduced several initiatives to help Singapore develop into a successful startup environment.


A Guide to Registering a Sole-Proprietorship in Singapore

A sole proprietorship is a company run by a single person or another registered company. It is the most straightforward business structure to start up. Read more to discover a detailed guide on how to register Sole Proprietorship in Singapore.


How to start a successful small business during a pandemic

Has COVID hindered the launch of your new start-up? You’re not alone. Here’s 10 pandemic-friendly small business advice & tips to make the most of an impossible situation.


Flexible Workspace vs Traditional Office

In this article, we look the pros and cons of a flexible workspace vs a traditional office space to help you decide which will work best for your needs.


The Importance of Velocity in Business

Despite claims to the contrary, and a rise in business confidence, many businesses are still feeling the effects of the GFC, with all its attendant after-effects.


4 Reasons Serviced Offices Are the Future in Singapore

Finding an office in Singapore can be an incredibly daunting task. It’s much more than just a place of work, it’s where you spend up to, and often more than a third of your day.


TOP 6 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Coworking Space

Here are the top 6 factors to consider to ensure you don't inadvertently hurt your business.


How a Serviced Office in Singapore Can Benefit Your Small Business

Building a business in Singapore can be exciting, but involves a lot of hard work.


Options for Office Space in Singapore

Singapore has a well-deserved reputation for being exceptionally business friendly. This city state welcomes businesses of all kinds from all over the world.


How to Get Your Employees' Loyalty in Singapore

As Singapore becomes more popular as a home for all types of businesses, employers struggle to get a full staff of qualified employees. Large companies from all over the world have come to Singapore in recent years and established a presence in the South East Asian market.


How to Decide Which Type of Office Space in Singapore Is Right for You?

Singapore is the home to many successful offshore businesses and it can provide excellent resources to any company looking for success. The biggest obstacle for many companies is coming up with the money for professional office space, furnishings, equipment, and employees.


Tips for Small Business Tax Deductions in Singapore

Paying taxes is a necessary duty of every citizen who's part of a nation, but it is also something that no one really likes.


Flexible Working Arrangements Advantages in Singapore

A number of large and small companies in Singapore have embraced flexible working arrangements. The reasons can vary by industry, but most agree that this concept could very well revolutionize the way people work.


How to Find Employees in Singapore

With Singapore rising in popularity around the world as a home for new startups, employers come each year to try and establish a successful business. Of course, it's important to have skilled employees that you can count on


Top Ten Locations to Rent an Office Space in Singapore

Singapore is one of the trending business destinations of the continent of Asia. With the government's promise of facilitating fair economic trade, the country is attracting businesses from around the world to set up their offices in the nation.


Recruitment Recipe - How to Ensure You Attract the Perfect Candidates

Our guide to attracting great talent, even in a tough economy, will give you some talent spotting and scouting ideas.


Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail – 3 Tips to Help You Plan out Your Workload

Being a business owner is a big responsibility. It is your vision which drives the company forward and tells the workforce why it deserves to exist and be successful.


5 Benefits of Using Virtual Offices for SMEs

Virtual Offices are quickly becoming the number one choice for SME’s and businesses that operate primarily online in Singapore. Gone are the days of traditional office spaces, paying for building repairs, maintenance and the high expense of paying rent in prime locations such as Battery Road or Marina Boulevard in the prestigious Singapore CBD.