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How to Choose a Coworking Space: 9 Tips to Consider in 2023

By Varun Bodhi


The number of coworking spaces has skyrocketed as more businesses begin to utilise them to provide employees with flexible work conditions. But as coworking spaces increase, so do the companies that provide them.

With so many options available, choosing the right coworking space is key! To ensure you make the right choice for your business, here are nine tips to consider when deciding how to choose a coworking space in 2023.

Nine factors to avoid when choosing a coworking space

Many business owners fall into the trap of flashy desk setups, entertainment rooms and yoga classes when selecting a coworking space.

But your first thought of “I want my team to work from here” can quickly become a regret. It’s best to be more cautious by considering the following factors:


  1. Bad location
  2. Unreasonable price
  3. Limited availability
  4. Lack of facilities
  5. Lack of eating and drinking space
  6. Too loud and distracting
  7. No privacy
  8. Security concerns
  9. Cleanliness and coworker concerns


Bad location

Location is king.

Even if your interior conditions are great, the last issue you want to run into is a bad location.

Locations far from public transport are inconvenient for your team and will diminish their positive attitude toward going to work. It’s also not ideal for potential clients to visit a location with poor public transport and it will only cause complications.

A good location with plenty of essential stores, restaurants, public transport and neighbouring businesses is essential when choosing a coworking space.

Struggling to find a good location? Browse our coworking space locations.

Unreasonable price

To understand if the pricing is reasonable, you must fully comprehend the product.

Your business doesn’t want to overpay for a poor location that only provides a desk and chair to work from. Choose a coworking space where you can use services just right for your work needs at a reasonable price.

Using a coworking space is much cheaper than renting a commercial office, but you don’t want to sign up for a service just because it’s cheap.

Think analytically about what you receive. Do you need that yoga class in a coworking space? The more the facilities, the higher the price.

Ensure it covers the essentials such as a furnished workspace, secure Wi-Fi, incredible technology, team support and meeting rooms. It’s tough to find a balance, but as mentioned earlier, don’t settle for the cheapest option at first glance.

Remember, you buy cheap, you buy twice.

Limited availability

Some coworking spaces don’t allow you to work when you want. They have their own set hours and the workspaces can’t be accessed earlier or after them.

Coworking spaces are built on the fundamental of flexibility, so it’s best to avoid providers that can’t accommodate you. Some providers such as Servcorp offer 24/7 access, so you and your team can work around hours that suit you best.

If you want to work at night or on public holidays, find out if the coworking space provider has flexible business hours.

Lack of facilities

A coworking space is more than a desk and a chair.

And we’re not talking about entertainment facilities, but rather infrastructure that enhances your business operations. Here are some facilities that you should keep an eye out for when choosing a coworking space:

It’s also beneficial to have access to meeting rooms, mailing services, a dedicated landline and team support.

Lack of eating and drinking space

Breakout areas for non-work-related activities are important, such as eating and drinking for lunch breaks.

Coworking spaces that don’t have a kitchen with complimentary water, tea and coffee aren’t ideal. These shared spaces are also great for socialising with other coworkers and networking. They serve as a convenient location for switching off from work and relaxing with comfortable chairs.

Too loud and distracting

Your workspace shouldn’t be noisy and full of distractions that make it hard to focus.

A quiet environment is critical, but many coworking spaces go against this by playing loud music in the background. More modest settings set a moderate sense of tension while stimulated by their surroundings to create optimal productivity.

On the other hand, some individuals find it hard to concentrate if it’s too quiet. Securing an office space where outdoor sounds can be heard is best for those people.

Sound design is vital in creating an office environment conducive to concentration. Everyone has their preference, so be sure to have criteria written out when taking a workspace tour.

No privacy

Privacy options are paramount.

Private phone booths and meeting rooms are important to safeguard business or client details. Coworking spaces are a shared environment and providers must have allocated sections with more privacy.

Even in an open space, the layout should have options where it’s difficult to see other people’s computer screens for privacy and safety. Inquire about privacy with any coworking space provider before signing a contract.

Security concerns

The security of business data should be considered when selecting a coworking space. Avoid flexible workspaces that use shared bandwidths, as this type of Wi-Fi means everyone has the same password.

To avoid such security threats, opting for coworking spaces that offer wired LAN, unique passwords, custom firewalls and VLAN capabilities is best.

A secure coworking space should also have lockers to store your personal belongings. Every locker should have a unique key to keep belongings safe. Security protocols at the entrance of your coworking space also need to be in place.

Many coworking spaces are understaffed, which results in anyone being able to walk into the office space. Inquire if the reception area is always staffed to prevent random people from entering a business area.

Environment and coworker concerns

It’s best to skip coworking spaces that could make you feel uncomfortable.

For example, if you think the workspaces aren’t clean enough or regularly maintained, you won’t be able to work efficiently. Simple factors such as ventilation or spacing between coworkers make a difference in creating your ideal workspace.                                                                                                                                       

Not all providers thoroughly check the businesses that want to join the coworking space. It can be worth inquiring if any authentication processes are in place to guarantee your neighbours are legitimate businesses.

Always book a tour

Pictures are always different from reality; the same applies to office space. Only sign a contract online after visiting the coworking space and having an official tour by the onsite manager.

Ask all the questions you have in mind and refer back to the points above to increase the likelihood of securing a fantastic coworking space. And just like that, you're now prepared to select the best coworking space for your business.

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