Ways SME business can benefit from the cloud

March 2013 | Servcorp

The shift towards cloud based business management systems is gaining momentum and promising new ways for businesses to collaborate and grow. Basic IT applications are no longer fads and businesses must integrate IT concepts into all spheres of management.

From reduction in IT costs, flexibility of work practices, access to automatic updates to collaboration efficiency there are a number of ways SMEs can benefit from the cloud.

Data Accessibility

Adopting cloud offers the flexibility of mobility. SME owners are no longer restricted to single-device solution. You can begin work on a desktop and complete it on a Smartphone. This saves a good deal of time, enables virtual management and real-time team coordination. This technology has proven to be flexible and mobile. SME owners can work from anywhere in the world and only a computer is needed with Internet connection. Cloud computing eradicates the issues of continuous downloading therefore saving time and the hard drive space since all a user needs is log-in access to a network.

Lower Technology Expenses

With cloud, SMEs no longer need to grapple with the challenge of high technology expenses. Cloud offers an option that is far much cheaper than purchasing physical hardware. SMEs find it easy sharing resources thus saving time and money. By placing their resources on a single network location that is easy for the them to access, significant benefits realized are securing of data and minimized loss of business files. Business budgets are often scarce and the focus is to buy what a business truly needs. Cloud computing frees up revenue for other important expenses.

Easier to Manage

Unlike large scale IT deployments, outsourcing IT through cloud lowers the need for specialists to shape up everything in your day-to-day management. This enables SME managers to concentrate on the core business thereby increasing efficiency. Even with basic skills in IT, SME managers can easily manage various aspects of business. This saves you a significant amount of time and money.

Flexibility of IT Resources

One great thing about depending on cloud computing services is the flexibility it offers to SME managers. There is no commitment in using cloud services and you only access, use and stop using the services as needed. It enables a business to scale IT needs as required, with a greater control of costs.

With numerous other benefits offered by cloud storage and applications they can provide real benefits to SMEs in terms of physical space, increasing time management and efficiency and enhancing remote working potential.