Reducing the environmental impact of your business

July 2013 | Servcorp

The recent haze hanging over Singapore serves as a timely reminder to everyone to play apart in helping the environment by living a more eco-friendly existence – and the benefits for local business can be huge.

Admittedly, while some companies can afford to make their workspaces more sustainable by transforming their offices into a state-of-the-art eco machine, most businesses have neither the time nor money to attempt such an overhaul.

Fortunately, there are still numerous changes your firm can implement in an effort to become more sustainable – without jeopardising your business practices or breaking the bank.

Firstly, encourage employees to cut down on pollution by advocating walking or cycling to work. This can be taken a step further by providing your staff with a bike rack and showers to show your commitment to an eco-friendly office.

Although it's not an option for all businesses, some firms even offer financial incentives to employees who choose to cycle or take public transport to work or meetings.

Secondly, it may surprise you to learn that unfathomable amounts of paper are wasted each year, which is why your office can play its part by cutting down its paper use – saving trees and your office supply budget in the process – by eradicating as much paper from the workplace as possible. Internal communications can be sent electronically, while air dryers in washrooms will eliminate the need for paper towels.

Finally, by unplugging electronic devices when not in use (items known as "energy vampires"), your business can slash its energy bills dramatically. Additionally, install timers to switch off appliances at evenings and weekends, and ask employees to ensure computers are powered down before they leave the office.

By following these simple steps, your firm's office space can live an eco-friendly existence in next to no time - and your company's bottom line is guaranteed to look much healthier for it.