How to Rent a Virtual Office in Singapore and Appear Bigger Than You Really Are

November 04, 2015 | Sharon Cheong

A sharp new business in Singapore can become profitable in just a few short years, butnumerous entrepreneurs find it hard to lease the right office space. You want to be in the best parts of the business district with access to good transportation. When investors come into town, it will also be important to have good hotels and restaurants nearby. Once you start looking for prime office space in popular regions of Singapore, you'll quickly see how expensive it is to lease a space, add furniture and hire employees.

Saving Money with Virtual Office Space 

A great option to that is simply leasing virtual office space. This provides all the services you need to grow your company, but it also makes your business seem much larger. Your new leased office space should come with a receptionist, nice furnishings, best office equipment,and many other top notch features. This makes doing business much easier and is more economical than simply renting your own individual offices. It also provides another benefit because it makes your business seem much larger than it is. You'll have a receptionist to answer your phones, plus an impressive address for your letterhead.

New business owners often don't have time or money to hire employees and look for the right office space. They need to focus on building their client list and getting big contracts. Once you lease an individual space, you'll have numerous monthly expenses, such as rent, utility bills, employee salaries, and maintenance on equipment. These large monthly expenses can quickly drain your savings and deplete your cash flow. With virtual office space, there's one low monthly payment that never changes unless you add services.

Keeping Cash Flow 

With virtual office space you can get bi-lingual employees who are well-trained and professional. This alone can make your company seem bigger. You'll also have a mail and email service, top notch IT equipment, dependable phones and other employees available when you need them. This is the really smart way to build a successful business in Singapore. You will have very little capital at risk, but you still have all the services of a large company. This is one of the secrets that many new startups in Singapore have used to grow their business.

Managing a big business is stressful. It can be challenging to hire the right people. There's no end to all the challenges that come up each day. This can zap all your time, money and energy. With virtual offices, you don't have to worry about those things. Instead, you can concentrate on getting big clients and providing exceptional goods and services. High weekly bills can place all kinds of undue stress on business owners who are trying to compete in Singapore.

Doing Business in Singapore 

Leasing or buying property in Singapore can be very costly since this is one of the best international locations for startups, investors, and expats. The solution is simple. Leased or virtual office space provides all the bonuses of having an individual office with none of the headaches. Imagine being able to get the best IT and HR services, mail and email forwarding, trained employees, plus a prestigious address for your letterhead.

Get the Features That Matter Most 

Leased office space lets you can acquire the right size space and then increase this as your business grows. Your monthly expenses are predictable, so there are no financial surprises. Your budget won't suffer, but you'll still get all the services you need. Space is available for an hour a day or the full week. Leased office space is flexible and designed to grow as your business grows.

Leasing Business Office Space in Singapore 

If you're new to the Singapore region, this is the best way for a startup to get established in the community. Servcorp Serviced and Virtual Offices allow you to select the features and services that are important to you.  Get fully furnished offices, high speed internet, excellent communications, comfortable environments, qualified personnel, meeting rooms, board rooms and much more. Please call +65 6690 6161 to learn more.