How to Choose a Virtual Office Providers

Jan 2, 2014 | Valerie Wong

high price tag of a real, physical office? A virtual office can cut costs, and it is a great option for shrewd and frugal business owners.

Take Your Business to the Next Level When You Get a Virtual Office

Success happens when you cut down your costs, reduce your overhead, and get more sales.

Businesses can really flourish when they have a prime business location, an excellent support team, and the newest technology solutions – for a sliver of the cost.

Virtual office packages give you the ability to quickly and easily expand into new markets, offering you the possibility to increase your market share. You can join on the Internet and get going instantly with a local rep in the city of your choice and a virtual address – anywhere on the globe. These virtual office packages are available from a number of providers, and there is a wide price range, and the price depends on which features come with your virtual office package.

What Does a Basic Virtual Office Package Include?

A virtual office package will usually offer an address to use as your own, a real receptionist to answer your telephone calls, access to an office or boardroom to meet when you have to, access to support services for your business, and a whole lot more.

Virtual office packages might let you keep your own local business telephone number, give you high speed Internet access, courier and mail management services, and even more. There are a number of different packages at most providers, and the cost varies depending on the features that come with the package.

A good virtual office package should also have a low=risk contract that has a monthly renewal, instead of a long-term commitment attached to it.

You Should Test Out a Virtual Office

You need to make sure that you try and test out the services before you commit to buying a virtual office package.

  • See how long it takes to be connected to the Internet.
  • Check on the upload and download speeds.
  • Ask whether or not the Internet provider is a tier 1 provider.
  • Try to get the IT tech support on the phone to see how responsive they are.
  • Find out if they are in the city and country your business wants to operate in.
  • Ask for a phone number so that you can try out the service before you purchase.
  • Ask to get a phone rate card.
  • Ask about the disaster transfer process.
  • Find out what kind of wireless security is available.

Benefits of a Virtual Office

The high cost of rent is a thing of the past when you transition to a virtual office. If your profits are low each month, you can greatly enhance them by getting rid of your office rent cost. For a small business with a shortage of clients, the high cost of rent can put a huge dent in whatever slim profits are being made.

You can also cut down on time spent in traffic. Think about the amount of time you spend driving to get to your office each day. There's also the cost of gas money.

You can also work with people in different cities because of the web conferencing tools available with most virtual office packages – even if you're in Los Angeles, you can work with someone in Chicago.


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