Home-based Business Ideas in Singapore

May 8, 2014 | Valerie Wong

Singapore is a melting pot of Chinese, Malay, British and Indian cultures which is actually reflective of its immigrant history. Since its independence from the United Kingdom, the Republic of Singapore was driven to excel in all facets of life. The people of Singapore push themselves a bit more in pursuit of financial gains and prosperity. Though stressed out from the daily grind of school, work and family, Singapore is still deemed the happiest country in SEA.

Many Singaporeans are opting to run their own business from home. A home-based business in Singapore is ideal that more are finding ways to turn their ideas into flourishing home-based startups.

What type of home-based business will thrive in Singapore?

Home-based Business Dealing with Children

Tutoring: Tutorial centers are booming in Singapore. This field is no longer exclusive to children with learning disabilities, but is also available to the average school children who want to excel in school. A qualified teacher can set up his or her tutoring services at home. It is best to confer with the local school principals and district officials to evaluate the needs of tutees.

Child Care and Nanny Services:  A home-based daycare center has great possibilities in Singapore due to the hectic schedules of two-income families.  Though grandparents are sometimes tasked to take care of their grandchildren, there is still a huge demand for child care services. A potential owner must find out the regulations and requirements of the government pertaining to opening a home-based daycare center. Nannies are in great demand for expats in Singapore with a young family.  A Nanny Service with 2-3 nannies for hire is a feasible home-based business in Singapore.

Music Teacher: Teaching children play musical instruments is another good source of income for a home-based business.  Students are asked to bring their own instruments (except pianos) for a 30-minute or hour long music lessons. Offering voice lessons could bring quite a sum of money every month.

Home-based Online Marketing Business

Online Marketer: Through the years, online marketing has become interchangeable with the trading of products and services and eventual advertisement. Then there is the consultative side of online marketing that deals with an increasing demand for businesses and professionals that proffer online marketing services. Experienced website designer, copywriter, SEO specialists, social media marketing specialists definitely have a niche market in Singapore.

Virtual Assistant: There is small business sector in Singapore that requires the services of work-from-home virtual assistants. There are also medium to large scale businesses that chose to outsource standard office work such as online marketing, accounting, social media management, research, customer care and more.  Another option is to gather other home-based virtual assistants to form a group for subcontracting.

Web/Graphic Designer: Qualified and highly skilled individuals can offer their services for the creation of functional, easy to navigate and attractive websites for small businesses.

App Designer: The trend towards mobile web browsers or mobile apps is real. Everyone and everything is “mobile”. Business websites are now compelled to hire app designers to create mobile apps and more. Freelance app designers are in-demand.

Home-based Personal Business

Business Coach:  A highly experienced individual in the field of finance, marketing or sales can offer his expertise as a business coach. He could “coach” business owners and managers on how to improve their performance and operations through personal transformation and modification.

Party/Event Planner: Experienced and creative persons with a knack for organization and a string of suppliers as contacts would do well as home-based event planner. From birthday parties to corporate events and presentation to weddings, event planners will coordinate all the details involved for a successful turnout of the occasion.

Copywriting: Excellent copywriters earn a sizeable amount of money for writing web content, tag lines and ad copy. Business owners know the powerful message that good copywriting can convey that they more than willing to hire the services of a good writer.

Direct Marketer, Affiliate or Distributor: Selling products through affiliate programs or direct marketing is very profitable. An individual sets his own time in selling products from green cleaning supplies and organic cosmetics, health supplements, educational products and more. Most of these products involve network marketing and a subscriber can recruit people under him for a share of their profit which could translate to residual income.

The success rate for home-based businesses in Singapore is huge. The idea is to find the need and then supply such need.

There are government restrictions and regulations pertaining to opening a home-based startup business in Singapore. Let Servcorp help you in facilitating all aspects of your home-based business.