Growing Small Businesses: The Entrepreneur Guide

November 2012 | Servcorp

Over the years, it has been proven that entrepreneur are not born, they are made. Moreover, in any given country, there are entrepreneurial ecosystems and success factors that play a key role in promoting entrepreneurial spirit in various fields of the society. Successful entrepreneurs can create thousands of jobs and drive the economy of a country. Their work is to manage and organize an enterprise despite all the risks and challenges involved. Entrepreneurs have an appetite for the next project; they are never comfortable with the status quo. It is also important to note that no one can lead a successful business on their own. You require partners to bring fresh ideas and help in expanding the business in other areas.

Every entrepreneur should view business enterprises as assets. Enterprises should be developed and shaped to meet the demands of the 21st century. A successful entrepreneur has the confidence to overcome obstacles and the flexibility to handle the dynamic markets in the competitive business world. There are certain strategies that can provide guidance to every entrepreneur in growing a small business into big organizations.

Create a Clear Vision and Set High Expectations

This is one of the most important aspects of developing a successful business. Having a clear vision in terms of the kind of business you want to engage in, desired clients and the level of service to be provided. Entrepreneur must study and understand the market well. They must be innovative in creating products that appeal the market. Keep the targets high and ensure there is increasing demand for the products.

All plans Must be Tied into the Business Vision

It is critical to develop viable plans once you gain clarity on your vision. Many business people may have the idea of where they want to see their business, but few work on the plans and strategy to move the enterprise to the next level. Entrepreneurs must put ideas together and come up with workable strategies. Plans must be implemented to achieve the desired outcomes. Entrepreneur must be focused and fuel growth in the organization without getting distracted by competition.

Get the Right People on Board

Though often overlooked, this is a crucial aspect in running a successful business. The business must hire people who have the passion for business and possess the necessary skills to do the job. Your team must know what is going on in the organization, and management must always remain open to ideas coming from employees. Long term goals cannot be achieved without employees understanding and buying into the vision of the organization. There is a greater chance of success when motivated employees are all moving in the one direction.

Remain Consistent and Utilize Technology

Managing and marketing a business is an on-going process and entrepreneur should not expect overnight results. Some strategies adopted might get you results after several years while others might get results within a shorter period. Entrepreneurs must remain focused and consistent in their strategies. The business must connect with all stakeholders (consumers, retailers, investors and suppliers). The business must make use of technology so as to remain innovative and be able to perform tasks effectively and efficiently. Social media can be used to monitor feedback from consumers, and this can help the business improve their products