Commercial Real Estate for Lease in Singapore

December 16, 2015 | Sharon Cheong

An ingenious startup company in Singapore can become a lucrative business almost overnight. However, it is imperative for new startups to get the best commercial real estate at an affordable rate. When new businesses spend too much on monthly expenses, it can leave these entrepreneurs struggling to make ends meet each month. That is why it is so crucial to get the best commercial real estate at the lowest price.

Best Areas for Commercial Real Estate Leases 

As with many metropolitan cities of the world, real estate in the central business district is often expensive and hard to find. If you have an older, established business, then you may have the budget for real estate in the downtown area. Though Singapore has many excellent skyscrapers, leasing space in these buildings will be costly. In some cases, property owners are struggling due to the sluggish stock market and may be willing to reduce lease prices and restrictions. Before signing any final paperwork, be sure to ask about any promotional discounts on commercial property.

Economic Development in Singapore 

Singapore can be an amazing metropolitan city to build a new business, and has become one of the top global locations for investors, expats, and new startups. Though foreigners may be restricted to the types of commercial property they can purchase, it can be helpful to get expert advice from consultants, accountants, and lawyers. Once your business becomes established in the region, it is often much easier to expand when the time comes.

Leased Office Space in Singapore 

In some cases, the perfect solution to your commercial real estate needs will require a bit of ingenuity. For instance, you can lease virtual office space in one of Singapore's amazing skyscrapers while building your factory in a less-expensive part of town. This offers business owners the best of both worlds. You get a beautiful office with skilled employees and a prestigious address for one low monthly rate. With reliable transportation in this area, it is easy to move back and forth from suburban areas to downtown.

How to Lower Commercial Real Estate Costs

When you need to impress truly investors or clients, look at the commercial real estate that has been on the market for a while. The owners may be ready to give you a good price to get the space filled. Ask about additional amenities such as fixtures and furnishings. You can often save money and get everything you need to start doing business right away. For those business owners who simply wish to expand, ask about discounts for long-term leases. If you are willing to commit to a longer-term lease, then you may be able to get an excellent price on the property. This is especially true during the global economic downturn that many countries are now experiencing. Purchasing or leasing commercial space now at lower prices means you will obtain a greater value for your money.

Facts about Virtual Office Space 

Leased office space allows you to get the right size office at a flexible monthly price. You can add features as your company grows. Monthly expenses are predictable, and this is highly desirable for your budget. Space is available for one hour a day or eight hours. It is completely up to you. Leased office space is flexible and designed to meet the needs of growing companies.

Leasing Commercial Real Estate 

Whether you need a small structure in a suburb or a huge space in the best part of town, leased office space offers many amenities to new startups. Servcorp Serviced Offices have top quality spaces in Singapore without the worries of traditional office space rentals. At Servcorp, our mission is to provide unique managed information and communication technology (ICT) services, which enable a clear competitive advantage for your business. We've invested over $40 million in creating a globally interconnected data network to ensure our products and services save you money and time.

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