Business Address Services in Singapore

April 25, 2014 | Valerie Wong

While virtual office solutions are handy at giving you all the joys of having an office without an office (from an online receptionists to receiving calls cheaply through voice-over IP or VoIP, which is also Internet-based), it lacks the actual office address that makes other corporations thrive. If you're establishing a business in Singapore, you want your clients and customers to have some sort of address to turn to so that they don't feel like they're being gypped when transacting with you. In turn, it's simply a lot more professional to have some sort of address in Singapore that can be used to send you mail or to conduct interviews and meetings in from time to time.

The Importance of Availing of Business Address Services

Essentially, admitting you don't have an office will only turn off your clients and customers away from your burgeoning business. In turn, investing in an office can significantly raise your possible debt and increase the risk of your business going under. You can enjoy the best of both worlds by availing of a virtual office solution with an accompanying business address service with premium locations for U.S. markets and other places around the world, including Singapore. Whether you're a foreigner wishing to establish a business in Singaporean shores or a Singaporean wishing to penetrate the western market, you can depend on business address services to get you what you want.

If you are a foreigner wishing to invest in Singapore, keep in mind that Singaporean culture requires some hands-on research on the Malay, British, Indian, and Chinese melting pot that is this ASEAN country. You're in need of a $110 per month or so business address service within a Singaporean locality because Singapore has the kind of eclectic market that requires constant care and attention. In order to give everyone everything they want, you should be able to have a representative office that handles each market—whether it's Chinese, Indian, British, or Malay—on a case-by-case basis.

Why Bother with Business Address Services When You Have Virtual Office Solutions?

Actually, it's because you're depending on virtual office solutions that you might be in need of business address services. Think about it. While it's completely possible for you to go the e-commerce route a la wherein you don't actually have a set office to speak of and every last product you have is distributed through online orders and direct customer delivery, that's extremely limiting and constraining for budding entrepreneurs. More to the point, just because you're availing of virtual office solutions doesn't mean you can only penetrate the ecommerce market.

Singapore is a country that has a rich immigrant history comparable to that of even the United States of America. Therefore, entrepreneurs should be able to take advantage of Singapore's meritocracy (equal opportunity for all cultures and races to develop their fullest potential), religious harmony, and rich diversity of demographics by having a wider range of investment options aside from ecommerce, like investment through banking, insurance, exchange-traded funds or ETFs, the stock market, local stores, and so forth. It's a waste to be limited to ecommerce when a simple addition of $110 per month can yield you more options in the future.

If you want to establish a Singaporean business startup, you can always rely on Servcorp for expert help. The firm has quality corporate registration, business address services, and virtual office solutions that will give you everything you need to establish yourself in Singapore.