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The Future of Workspaces in Singapore

May 29, 2016 | Trinh Danh

Thanks to major past events in the global economy and the irresistible forward march of technology (particularly the Internet, cloud computing, and the creation of virtual offices), the nature of work in Singapore and elsewhere have changed things forever. 

The ability to avail of fully furnished serviced offices for rent as needed, for example, has had a significant impact on how companies—especially small-to-medium businesses (SMBs)—view workspaces and what skills and capabilities they look for in employees, managers, and executives availing of these offices of the future.

A Dynamic Paradigm Shift to a Connected Singaporean Workforce

Couple that with the fact that the world is becoming smaller and more globalized—such that local companies are now competing with foreign ones—and one can better appreciate this dynamic paradigm shift a lot better.

While there's a general shift in how the Singaporean workplace is addressing productivity and technology (particularly in how the two interact with each other), not everyone is embracing this change in full effect.

The Smarter Way to Grow a Successful Singapore Business

There are still some holdout employees who feel that their employers are not making them feel innovative, collaborative, and productive enough while at the same time ensuring the personal wellbeing in the changing face of work and workplaces.

With that said, service providers like Servcorp and other companies offering serviced and virtual office solutions are helping change minds and facilitate this new era in the workplace and working in general. A serviced office company primarily helps Singaporean SMBs by innovating the ways they utilize office spaces.

For example, Servcorp provides the following services and benefits:

  • Remote Receptionists: Virtual has become the future of workspaces as well because of how convenient and accessible it is. For instance, SMBs can avail of a remote receptionist team that works from afar using high-tech computer telephone integration software and VoIP (voice-over-IP) to replace the traditional receptionist duties.
  • Serviced Office Rentals and Premium Business Addresses: They have fully furnished serviced office rentals and meeting rooms that increase your flexibility and work mobility, for one thing. Companies can also free themselves from an office and work at home, or anywhere they desire through a premium business address in the Singapore business district, for another thing.
  • Virtual Assistants: A virtual assistant, as opposed to a remote receptionist, is a home-based lone wolf who rarely meets clients face-to-face. An SMB can avail of this type of worker for about SGD 35 (or USD 25) and above. They handle everything from administrative tasks to secretarial work, plus their work in a freelance pay-per-project basis.
  • Answering Services with Call Center Solutions: You can have an entire call center operating from a centralized location answer your calls and redirect clients to various departments of your company at premium rates. They transmit and receive a large volume of requests by telephone or by VoIP. Instead of hiring a secretary or using an impersonal automated answering machine, you can depend on a whole workforce to handle your calls without hiring them.

In any case, Singapore has always been all about encouraging foreign investors and businesses to invest in their country, allowing it to be one of the most globalized countries in Southeast Asia. Therefore, this change regarding how work is done and how workspaces are handled is a perfectly natural progression of the country that's been ahead of the curve when it comes to globalization.

Servcorp is an important ally for Singapore's Workplace future. That is because the company offers dependable serviced and virtual office packages that significantly decrease the overhead expenses of these enterprises so that they could better reach their profit potential. Call +65 6690 6161 today to learn more about our offices.