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The Advantages of Being a Remote Worker in Singapore

June 30, 2016 | Trinh Danh

If you're in Singapore and you wish to work remotely from home or elsewhere rather than in an office, then it's now more possible than ever before because of current technology. You now have PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other such devices that can connect online and allow you to do work via teleconferencing, chat, VoIP, and cloud computing. 

However, remote working isn't something that's limited to home-based jobs. It's also not typically limited by location either. It can also be described as mobile working because as long as you have access to an Internet connection and the right device, you can potentially work anywhere, from a roadside service station to a restaurant. 

The Arguments for Singaporean Remote Working 

There are a myriad of advantages when it comes to being a remote worker in Singapore, especially when you consider all the time you can devote to working that used to be reserved for commuting and self-preparation. To wit: 

  1. A Remote Worker Isn't Beholden by Weather Changes: As long as the Internet connection is working and there's electricity in the area, a remote worker should be able to accomplish the job whether facing rain, storms, floods, and what-have-you. Because the Internet was developed specifically to work even when its relays are taken down, remote workers are able to thrive even in times of emergency.
  2. A Remote Worker Has Fewer Distractions: Sure, the Internet, video sites, and social media hubs are distractions in and of themselves, but for the most part a remote worker is able to accomplish the goals because the remote worker is able to get away from overhead conversations at the water cooler, ringing phones, irate micromanaging bosses, multiple memos, and so forth. The remote worker has more focus on dealing with detailed data work.
  3. A Remote Worker Doesn't Need to Commute: This type of employee can save a lot of money working at home by not having to commute to work. The remote worker won't have to waste time with public transportation or budget the money for gas if the remote worker drives a car. The remote worker is also protecting the environment from carbon emissions.
  4. A Remote Worker Is Always Ready: A remote worker only needs to log in to the work account or company website on a computer, laptop, or even smartphone in order to get things done. The remote worker doesn't have to dress up in order to get ready for work. Many people spend more than an hour everyday getting cleaned up and dressed for the office. Meanwhile, the worker is ready as soon as the Internet access is turned on.
  5. A Remote Worker Is More Flexible: A remote worker mom or dad should be able to work from home through this setup. No other type of job allows mothers or fathers to take care of their family while at the same time having the means to support them, whether she's a single mom or dad or the breadwinner of the family. 

There are many reasons why remote working in Singapore can be quite practical, whether you're a freelancer taking on multiple jobs from different companies or a regular employee that can handle jobs on the go. 

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