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Options for Office Space in Singapore

April 25, 2016 | Trinh Danh

Singapore has a well-deserved reputation for being exceptionally business friendly. This city state welcomes businesses of all kinds from all over the world. Because of that, Singapore has become home to the international branch of many high-level successful businesses. Also, new businesses that are just starting up have found Singapore to be a comfortable place to take that first big step in doing business internationally. Many of those new businesses are companies like consultants, equipment leasing companies, and office space providers that have been formed to support other businesses.

Deciding on a Budget for Office Space

Some business expenses are inescapable, but others can be decreased by implementing certain strategies. One of the significant costs that can be mitigated in this way is office expense which can otherwise be thousands of dollars a month even in Singapore.

Obtaining a Traditional Office Located in Singapore

The traditional way of setting up a business is to secure office space first. Then, once the lease has been signed, the next step involves expending significant capital to buy furniture/office equipment and to hire employees to run the office. In addition to these basic outlays, there are costs for utilities, the internet, phone service, and more. Not only are these expenses high, but they also vary from month to month, creating a real drain on your cash flow and making it difficult to calculate a consistent monthly budget.

Alternative Methods to Lower Office Expenses

When deciding on the kind of office you would like to set up in Singapore; you need to consider how much of your typical monthly budget can be designated to office space and necessities. You should take into consideration the usual leasing costs for different areas of Singapore. Center of the city is, of course, the most expensive. You can save money by going further away from Singapore's business district, but will that present client with the image that you would like to portray?

Serviced Office Space

To lower the high cost of office expenses at the time when your company is just getting started, an excellent alternative is to look into serviced office space, a solution that provides you with luxurious office space and plenty of extra amenities:

  • Spacious office area
  • Upscale furnishings
  • Bilingual receptionist and clerical staff
  • Working office equipment
  • High-speed internet with state-of-the-art technology
  • Large meeting rooms

Servcorp Serviced Offices

Leasing serviced office space from Servcorp Serviced Offices gives you the best of both worlds. You will have all the services and features of a full office, everything that your business needs to operate efficiently. You will have office staff personnel who are already highly trained, thereby taking the pressure off you to hire and train new employees. Instead, you can focus completely on growing your business into a successful international corporation.

You can start with just a small space, with the ability to increase the size as your company expands. You have one affordable payment every month that is 100% predictable, making it easy for you to calculate your budget and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

One of the best features in using Servcorp Serviced Offices is that you will have a prestigious address in one of the leading office buildings in Singapore. This kind of office space will give your clients the impression that your business is even more successful and larger than it is.

Servcorp Serviced Offices will make your business start-up easy by reducing the time and stress involved in setting up an office.

Servcorp's pricing is very competitive, and the office space is top-notch with luxurious furnishings and exceptional amenities. No long-term contract is required to get started.

Please call +65 6690 6161 to tour facilities in Singapore. We also provide luxurious leased office space in 150+ locations around the world