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Secretarial Services in Singapore

May 14, 2014 | Valerie Wong

You need secretarial services in Singapore. Why? It's because you're most likely to go the ecommerce route a la Amazon.com when establishing a startup, since it's the cheapest method out there. The technology to allow third-party, on-call, 24/7 secretarial services exists; it's the same tech that has made virtual office solutions (specifically VoIP or voice-over IP) possible. 

Even if you're not ordering a virtual office package and you actually succeeded in putting up a small office within Singapore itself, to save money on the remaining capital you've surely burnt out by getting a brick-and-mortar office in the first place, hiring secretarial services instead of an in-house secretary is called for. 

The Virtues of Going the Secretarial Service Route 

There are many benefits to going the secretarial service route, chief among them the fact that it's quite cheap to order and setup. Imagine the amount of money you'll spend searching for, hiring, and possibly firing a local secretary from Singapore. 

That's cash down the drain that you can't get back, plus even a successfully trained secretary isn't a surefire return investment because he or she could always use the training you've given him or her to go to greener pastures and become a secretary there instead. It's more cost-effective to handle your secretarial needs on a case-by-case, project-by-project basis. 

The same way virtual office solutions are more cost-effective than establishing your own office or buying business address services is cheaper than buying real property in the Singaporean business district, it's much more viable for a startup with no money or market presence yet to go a more affordable secretarial service route towards keeping its business operations running smoothly. 

Any business in Singapore that's worth its salt should have secretarial services available, and the ones being offered by vanguards such as Servcorp are particularly filled with 24/7 staffers instead of just one or two secretaries at your beck-and-call. This has tremendous implications on your business.If you want everything organized in a budget, secretarial services are just what the business "doctor" has ordered. 

Why Getting Secretarial Services in Singapore Makes Sense 

Budding entrepreneurs need not be constrained by depending on secretarial services on whatever staff or personal assistant you have on hand, many of which are inexperienced and might cost you thousands of dollars of lost cash because of their greenness and inevitable mistakes. 

If you're a startup, you probably lack the capital to afford those super-secretaries you expect to see in multinational companies who can do things faster than even computers. If you want conglomerate-level secretaries on a small-to-medium business budget, then hiring secretarial services (which may or may not come with virtual office packages) is definitely called for. 

Before taking advantage of Singapore's rich immigrant history and multiple market demographics spawned from its so-called meritocracy that make it look more like the United States of America in variation than an ASEAN country, you should first avail of a corresponding secretarial service to keep your company or group of companies in Singapore afloat. 

These secretaries will handle support-in dealings with authorities, overseas travel organization, dictation and note-taking, executive meeting logistics, event organization, and many more while you invest in exchange-traded funds, the establishment of local stores, and banking assets. 

If you want to establish a Singaporean business startup, you can always rely on Servcorp to help. The firm has quality secretarial services and virtual office solutions that will give you everything you need to establish yourself in Singapore.