Singapore Sling – Catapulting Your Business to Success In Asia

Zann Lee

Expanding a business internationally is always an endeavour fraught with tension, potential pitfalls and stresses. On the positive side, the rewards are rich for those that can successfully navigate this transition and succeed in gaining a foothold in the Asian market. Asian consumers are savvy, switched on and hungry for new products and technologies. With GDP in many Asian countries outstripping global averages significantly, households have a growing pool of disposable income and businesses are bullish about investing in new opportunities or technologies. Is it any wonder, then, that companies large and small from all over the world are continuing to clamour to Asia in an effort to grow their businesses.

The Challenges

That is not to say that entering the Asian market is a picnic! Differences in language, culture, legal and business practices and countless other factors can cause significant headaches and in many cases prove too much, particularly for smaller businesses. This is what makes Singapore such an attractive location for foreign businesses. Our tiny City-State has grown and matured in leaps and bounds in recent decades to become a global economic powerhouse. Political stability, open and friendly culture and entrepreneurial spirit make create the perfect environment to build a bridge to Asia. It’s no wonder that Singapore is widely regarded as the friendliest place to do business in Asia.

Office Expense

Despite all these benefits, there is one major hurdle to overcome when starting an office in Singapore: The cost. Prices are relatively high for all manner of goods and services, however, with the 3rd highest population density on the planet, office space is at a serious premium and is priced accordingly. That’s not all, prices for business necessities like telecommunications, internet and utilities can be far higher than most other places in Asia.

Problem Solved

Don’t despair, Servcorp has just the solution to ensure that your business has everything that it needs to thrive, without the astronomical price tag. With a Servcorp Serviced Office in Singapore, you will have access to:
Impressive, modern facilities with a reputable address
Comfortable, professional private working space
Additional access to co-working spaces
Well-equipped boardroom and meeting facilities
High-speed, secure Wi-Fi internet access
Full suite of IT infrastructure with around the clock support
Dedicated phone line for each member of staff
Global VOIP communications technology
Dedicated receptionist
Access to over 155+ additional Servcorp locations around the world.

Prime Locations

With offices in some of the most sought after locations in the country, there is sure to be a Servcorp Serviced Office that will be perfect for your business. Selecting a location for your office is one of the most important decisions you can make as an owner as it impacts the staff you can attract, the perception of your company and the potential clients you will be rubbing shoulders with.

By partnering with Servcorp, you will be free to focus your time and money on growing your business and building a springboard to success in the exciting and potentially lucrative Asian markets.