Flexible Working Arrangements Advantages in Singapore

February 18, 2016 | Sharon Cheong

A number of large and small companies in Singapore have embraced flexible working arrangements. The reasons can vary by industry, but most agree that this concept could very well revolutionize the way people work. For those with families, the flexible work arrangement allows them to be at home during crucial times of the day to attend to the needs of children. Because family life is so important to most people, the ability to be home to get kids off to school or pick them up can be a life saver than working full time from office.

Perks of Flexible Working 

Many company owners and managers also see this as a way to attract the best talent. Good employees can make or break a business so to get the most highly skilled people,it is necessary to offer better perks than the competition. Though the high pay is necessary to people, most workers also appreciate the time to tend to family needs during the week. This concept can be so attractive to employees that they work harder and produce a better quality of work.

Additional Incentives 

Flexible working arrangements can also benefit employers who allow their employees to work from home part of the week. You do not have to provide a work space for employees that work from home. You will not have them using equipment during the day, and this can result in lower utility bills and less wear and tear on copiers, fax machines, and computers. Numerous other advantages go along with having fewer employees in the workplace, such as reducing the number of accidents and employee disagreements.

The Various Types of Plans 

Flexible work arrangements can mean anything from reduced daily hours to work from home positions. It is up to the employer to define the parameters of the flexible arrangement. Company managers may decide that one implementation is better for their industry than another. For instance, if you need people at their desks bright and early each day, then certain arrangements would not work. There are also some jobs that favor one arrangement over another. If you employ a staff of customer service reps, then they could do their jobs from any location.

Professional Tools 

Naturally, there must be a certain level of trust and responsibility on the part of the employee. If working from home, it may be tempting just to stop working and play games or watch TV during the day. Employers need managers who can check in during the day and keep tabs on whether their people are working. With tools like Skype, you can also invite work-at-home employees to attend meetings during the week. Other Internet tools such as virtual workspaces give both the company and employee a place to exchange documents and notes about projects.

To be successful, company managers need to be able to manage people who are working from various locations. The most successful programs have to be regularly monitored to ensure that work is being completed promptly. It may take some time to work out the kinks in an innovative program like this, but it can benefit both the employer and the employee.

You May Require a Professional Leased Office Space 

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