Why Embrace Technology as a Business in Singapore

November 24, 2015 | Sharon Cheong

Singapore is a hot destination for companies looking to make a mark in Southeast Asia because it opens the doors to major markets such as The Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia. Now, with broad support from the government, the small to medium business ecosystem in this island is thriving.

How can technology help businesses in Singapore perform better?

The technology boosts the productivity and reduces the costs. With lack of technology implementation making the brick and mortar businesses inefficient, more and more companies in Singapore are moving their business functions towards automation. For example, some restaurants in Singapore can be seen with an iPad at the door, instead of a team, to manage the crowd. Business productivity is the key factor in ensuring that Singapore continues to lead other nations in the region.

Different ways companies in Singapore can implement technology to improve their business productivity:

Cloud telephony

Cloud telephony eliminates the issue of maintenance costs and allows a much more optimized and faster deployment of headcount into critical business functions. With just an easy business phone setup in the cloud, SMEs can make sure that they never miss an incoming lead. Business functions that happen over the telephone can also be moved to automated systems of both outbound and inbound nature.

Enterprise mobility

Enterprise mobility is a kind of shift in work habits where more employees work out of their offices on business data available on cloud. Enterprise mobility allows for more flexibility in work, which in turn makes for enhanced business productivity. For example, an employee can upload some business data to the cloud from his office and show it on the client site. Enterprise mobility is an immediate need of businesses in Singapore as it can help make a significant improvement in areas such as supply chain management, field services automation, operations efficiency and enabling a mobile workforce.

Embracing digital media

In the current scenario, a business can find more clients over web than any other medium of customer acquisition. Keeping a highly functional digital media team with access to every kind of technology is mandatory for almost any kind of business in Singapore.

What is stopping the businesses in Singapore from adopting the technology?

Although the cost, time and complexity involved in the implementation of technology may have reduced the willingness of businesses to adopt technology, it is believed that the perspective is changing rapidly. New technologies are easy to implement and available at very affordable rates. Moreover, there is no need to implement the kind of technology you will rarely need in your type of business. You can go for customized solutions that focus on the specific needs of your business.

Accounting for almost 99 percent of the business done in Singapore and contributing to nearly half of its GDP, small and medium enterprises are the cornerstone of government policy aimed to develop, innovate and sustain the economy of Singapore. Major programs and incentives have been announced for SMEs by the government in subsequent budgets. Increasingly, the focus is on how companies can take advantage of the wave of technology that affects all sectors.

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