How to Start a Home Business with a Rented Virtual Office in Singapore

October 12, 2015 | Sharon Cheong

Running a small business in Singapore is not only exciting, but it's very lucrative these days. That's because this region is so open to business ventures and the government offers many programs to help people get started.  Singapore is known as a major hub for import export businesses, and a proven financial leader in South East Asia. Large companies all over the world come to this area each year to set up their own offshore company. The exceptional seaports, airports and ground transportation make this an ideal location.

Lower Your Overhead Costs By Working from Home 

Many entrepreneurs start out by working from home. Begin by identifying your strengths. You may enjoy doing people's taxes. This could turn into a profitable idea. Or you might have a good idea for a clever invention. Some people want their own restaurant, but they start out with a small catering service that's easy to manage. There are hundreds of great ideas for a new start-up business in Singapore.

Working from home is a proven way to establish yourself in the marketplace while keeping overhead costs very low. This idea can work for several years until your business really starts growing. Sometimes people find themselves needing a professional office space away from home, but they don't really have the money to lease a space and buy equipment. The cost of leasing office space in Singapore can be steep, not to mention the cost of desks, computers, FAX machines, copiers and employees.

Get a Great Office With Multiple Features 

A great solution that has worked for many people is leasing virtual office space. This gives you a luxurious office, a prestigious address, plus all the personnel and furnishings necessary. When you lease an office space, be sure to work with a reputable firm. Check out the prices, amenities, locations and additional services offered. In many cases, small business owners continue to use a virtual office space, even after their business has grown because it's so convenient.

Another important advantage is that you can generally add services as you need them. For instance, you may need a deluxe meeting room for an important meeting with investors. This is very easy to set up when you already work with an established company that provides quality leased office space. You can also get help from bi-lingual, fully trained employees as part of your package deal. This can greatly eliminate all the stress of managing employees and office space. This allows you to focus on building your business instead of worrying about buying equipment and hiring the right employees.

Customizing Your Virtual Office Package 

You may only need a virtual office a few days per week. Some business owners require office space every day. That's one of the best features of leased office space in Singapore. You can set up your package to include whatever amenities are most important to you. You can get top notch communications equipment and internet service. You can also get trained staff members who can step in and help with very little training. If you need a nice boardroom, you can set that up in advance so it's ready when you are.

Upmarket Office Suites 

Singapore offers so much to small business owners and entrepreneurs. Even those who start out working from home can build a successful business within just a few years. At some point, you will realize the need for professional office space. Servcorp Serviced Offices are available in 20 countries and offer prestigious office space for those who work from home and small business owners. Their amenities include five-star accommodations and furnishings, quality communications networks, and efficient teams who can handle any task.

You can enjoy all these services for just one low monthly price in prime locations in Singapore's Central Business District. Meeting rooms and boardrooms are available for any size gathering. Call+65 6690 6161to learn more.