How to Recruit Top Quality Employees in Singapore

December 9, 2014 | Sharon Cheong

Singapore has long been considered the business capital of South East Asia. A high number of quality professionals travel to the area in order to find employment opportunities. Ensuring that your business benefits from a team of quality employees is paramount to the success of your business. However, with so many companies all competing for the best staff members it can be a difficult task to secure their services. It is important to promote the positive aspects of your business to prospective employees. Outline your future business strategies, the positive working environment within your company together with the opportunity for progression. Individuals who possess the required levels of knowledge and expertise will undoubtedly have a number of options so it is vital that you emphasize the benefits associated with joining your company. It is advisable to carefully plan your recruitment drive so that you give yourself and your company the best possible chance of identifying the quality candidates. In addition to advertising vacancies in the local press, it is also possible to contact suitable candidates via alternative means.

Employment agencies and headhunting

Employment agencies are still extremely popular with individuals looking for employment. Many employment agencies specialize in individual sectors. It is advisable to select an agency that has substantial experience and knowledge of your sector. This can save you valuable time during the recruitment process and ensure that all the candidates have the required expertise. Securing the services of an employment agency means that the vast majority of the initial selection and screening process is done for you. Whilst this invariably saves you time and effort, it is important that the agency is aware of your exact requirements and standards.

Advertise in relevant publications

Singapore benefits from a number of publications that concentrate on specific industry news and vacancies. Advertising in these publications ensures that you are contacting a high percentage of individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully fill your vacancy. If you require an employee with an exact set of skills this can be a great way of finding them. Subscribers of such publications are invariably experienced professionals that may be looking for potential career progression.

Utilize the internet

The popularity of the internet means that a high number of quality employees will use it as an efficient search tool when looking for employment. Many recruitment websites and employment agencies have a database of prospective employees. You can search through these databases and use the filters to view individuals with the skills that you are looking for. There are a number of benefits in relation to using the Internet for recruitment purposes. Firstly, it is a very quick and efficient way of filtering potential employees. Most profiles show the qualifications and experience of each person. This is a simple but effective way of identifying quality staff. Additionally, it saves your business money by removing the need for advertising.

Discuss your requirements with existing staff

Singapore is a place with a centralized business district. Many individuals socialize with others in the same sector. Discuss your requirements with your existing staff and ask if they know any suitable candidates. One particular benefit of this approach is that the quality of recommendations will be high. An existing employee is very unlikely to recommend an associate if they do not match the job requirements.  If you have a team of employees that enjoy high levels of job satisfaction this can be a great way to persuade quality employees to move to your company from their current employer.

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