How to Get Your Foot in the Singaporean Market

November 26, 2015 | Sharon Cheong

Those who have a small business in Singapore understand how competitive the business climate has become over the years. This nation is now a major importer and exporter of a wide range of products that are shipped all over the world. Countless businesses have come into this financial center of Southeast Asia with nothing but a small startup and become very successful.  What many new entrepreneurs want to know is how to get their foot in the door. There are plenty of opportunities for new business owners, but how can you get big companies to trust you enough to do business with you?

Many large companies now have an offshore presence in Singapore because of its excellent seaports and air transportation. Due to their size and financial situation, they have no problem getting set up in Singapore and becoming highly successful. Most small or new businesses don't have these types of resources and are at a distinct disadvantage. But there are various methods of getting your foot in the door regardless of your size and budget.

Develop Sound Marketing Strategies 

As in all industries, marketing is the key to getting the business you need to stay afloat. If your budget is small, then you may have to distribute flyers about your company or make phone calls to buyers to get orders. Stress the advantages of doing business with your company. Though you may be small, you're able to give customers personal attention. You can be very detailed in your fulfillment of orders, giving more care to special instructions. People still value the personal touch and enjoy working with companies that know them by name.  Always put forth your best image in all advertising. Let people know that you may be small, but you're honest, hard-working and always ready to go the extra mile.


In Singapore, there are many networking events each year, both large and small. These are sometimes open to all business types, but often they're directed at specific industries. Check out the websites that list these events and sign up for the ones that look like they would be beneficial to you. If possible, take several employees, dress well, and pass out flyers or business cards. You can also rent a booth or table at these events to demonstrate your products and services. Very often, you can obtain multiple orders during the course of these events. In addition, you will enable the local businesses to learn more about your company.

Singapore is a great place for a new startup. It offers numerous incentives such as low-cost labor and manufacturing plants. Once you get established in this region, you can count on consistent sales. And the experts are predicting steady growth over the next 30 years. Of course, you must be committed to hard work, innovative marketing solutions and reliable goods and services. However, the advantages to success in this region clearly outweigh the risks. Your efforts will produce a much higher return on investment.

Get Professional Office Space 

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