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Tips for Working with Temp Agencies in Singapore

March 02, 2016 | Trinh Danh

Everyone is looking for his or her dream job in Singapore, but sometimes you have to work your way inside a company, and this can be done by working through temp agencies. Often, a temp job can turn into a permanent position. The secret is to become the best employee ever at your temp job and make the employer see how valuable you are. There are a few good ways to accomplish this, discussed below.

1. Creating a Personal Brand

In essence, you are selling yourself and your key skills when speaking to the temp agency. Keep an upbeat, can-do attitude. Create a work persona that is highly professional. Dress nicely when going out to speak with people at the temp agency. It is their job to find the best person for a particular assignment so you must convince them that you are the best employee for the job. It can be helpful to make a few notes about your major skills before an interview.

2. Write a Good Resume and Cover Letters

The temp agency will often forward your resume to potential employers. If they like what they see, then you could get the job. It is usually best to keep your resume to two pages. Mention any noteworthy accomplishments. Provide excellent references. If you can get a letter of recommendation from a former employer, this can be a real advantage. Keep your cover letter to just a couple of paragraphs. HR and temp agency personnel in Singapore are busy and have to look through dozens of resumes each day so make yours stand out.

3. Always Do a Good Job

You may have to go out on multiple temp jobs before landing something full-time. With each new assignment, stay motivated. Be cordial with managers and other employees. Each time you do an excellent job on a temp assignment, you are building up your reputation as a dependable employee. If the temp agency asks you to go out on assignments with little notice, try to be flexible. They are looking for people who will work hard and be available.

4. Benefits of Being Bi-Lingual

Singapore has people from all over the world who come to do business there each year. The country has leading seaports and airports and is home to many import-export and manufacturing companies. Therefore, being able to speak more than one language can be a huge benefit. Often those with multiple language skills get the best temp jobs, and these can quickly develop into full-time positions. Of course, some people learn language easier than others, but it may be worth your while to purchase language learning software. Be sure to include all languages you speak on your resume.

5. Learn as you Go

Temp agencies are looking for a flexible workforce. That means you need multiple skills in your arsenal, along with real solid experience. With each temp assignment, try to learn new skills and add them to your resume. Go in for regular visits to the temp agency and remind the temp staff if you speak more than one language or have other relevant skills. Though you do not want to cross a line and become annoying, you do wish to let the temp staff know that you are available and wanting to work. 

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