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The Benefits of Flexible Working Arrangements in Singapore

January 26, 2016 | Sharon Cheong

There are many benefits to be had for Singaporeans who wish to work a more flexible schedule for their jobs, and contrary to common belief, these benefits aren't one sided. There are many workers who wish who avail of such an option (although you'll have to get an open-minded boss to agree to such terms, especially if it's an unprecedented request never before done in the company). 

What It's Like for the Employee 

The advantages of a flexible working arrangement for the average employee are undeniable.  Here are some of them: 

  • Control of Schedule: Workers get to make their own schedule, allowing them to work on the days and times when they are most productive. 
  • Motivation for Work: They are also more motivated to work and deal with less stress since their boss isn't breathing down their neck. 
  • Extra Time to Work: If workers need extra time to do their work, they can have it. This allows workers to meet or exceed requirements (and even quotas) at their pace. They can choose to work on night shifts or day shifts as long as they finish their job. 
  • Better Work-Life Balance: It's also easier for them to squeeze in other priorities like taking care of children (for parents), dating with their spouse or partner, or simply relaxing with loved ones or friends.They also save many hours of traveling time and are able to pursue their passions outside their job. 

What's It Like for the Employer 

As for companies themselves, they also reap benefits like: 

  • More Motivated Employees: Happy, motivated employees with less stress tend to do more work and fewer mistakes in their work since they don't have to get distracted by troubles or break under pressure. 
  • More Productive Workforce: Just as the introduction of weekends and breaks in the early 20th Century led to better production rates, going the flexible working arrangement route should increase productivity for your company. 
  • Reduced Turnover and Hiring Costs: Happier workers mean they're less likely to quit and having a flexible schedule means more people would be interested in applying for your job openings. 
  • Better Team Work: Because everyone in your team has a more flexible schedule, they have more time to deal with their own issues, which gives them the impetus of pitching in with each other in some way. 
  • Continued Work Even Through Disaster: Even if offices are closed because of some natural (earthquake, floods, or storms) or man-made (protests, riots, and war) disasters happening, your business can operate as usual out of a virtual office using the Internet connections of your workers. 

The Bottom Line 

Thanks to recent technological advances, it's now possible for Singaporean companies to hire employees with more flexible schedules and arrangements. With the dawn of virtual offices, serviced offices, VoIP (voice-over IP), and Internet fax replacing physical offices, telephone lines, and the fax machine, having flexible schedules for workers or hiring virtual assistants for your manpower needs is now a logical conclusion. 

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