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Why Do You Need a Virtual Office in Singapore

July 14, 2014 | SERVCORP

Singaporean virtual office solutions work just like the virtual office solutions of other Southeast Asian, East Asian, European, American, Oriental, Western, or in general global virtual office service. This package essentially enables you to access office services such as a receptionist, voicemail, and fax (among other things) virtually or through the Internet. If you're wondering whatever happened to the vision of a future filled with paperless offices, the future is here. The future has become so advanced and high-tech that predictions of the future by movies like Back to the Future (which features faxes in the bathroom) look ironically dated. That's the magic of the Internet for you. 

It's the Internet That Makes It All Possible 

Without the Internet, there would be no virtual communications and virtual offices. It's the Internet that allows you to enjoy all sorts of virtual services. Telecommunications have soared by leaps and bounds, especially with the advent of fast Internet speeds within the always progressive Singapore and VoIP or voice-over Internet protocol (in layman terms, it allows computers to call cellular phones and landlines without the need for phone lines; the Internet itself can deliver your voice as clearly as using a cellphone or telephone could). Telecommunications through the Internet (that's not limited to your usual Internet chat, Skype, or email) is the backbone of your virtual office solutions. 

In essence, you'll get on top of email, instant messaging, or even teleconferencing service phone lines that are VoIP-based, a human receptionist (hired locally in Singapore so that he or she could converse with your Singaporean clients in the vernacular as well as standard English) that works on a freelance basis so that you won't have to pay for health benefits and insurance individually, Internet fax, and advanced voicemail. With the fax, as long as you have a printer or scanner available, you'll be able to send faxes to actual fax machines without owning a fax machine yourself. You can also receive faxes through your printer instead of a fax machine in turn. 

A Gift that Keeps on Giving 

If you feel like you're missing the human component of your business, such that certain clients are unwilling to deal with your company exactly because the startup is mostly virtual-office-based, there's also a solution for that. Enter the serviced office rental, wherein you'll get to rent out quality brick-and-mortar offices that can house your equipment, staff, and even expatriates in (if you're a foreign investor who availed of virtual office solutions in the first place to cost-effectively monitor your whole operations without going to Singapore). These serviced offices are located within key Singaporean areas. 

What's more, instead of having to rent a normal office space wherein you'll also have to buy a steady cache of office supplies and a load of expensive equipment, all you'll really need in your serviced office is your laptops, desktops, and printers as well as cellular phones and tablets. To wit, virtual offices and serviced offices go together like coffee and creamer. Instead of investing millions of dollars on a small office, you can rent out a fully functional one for a fraction of the price and with virtual office services attached to further lower costs. Your serviced office can serve as your meeting room for clients and a base of operations for your accessible-via-Internet virtual office. 

If you want to start a Singaporean business, you can always rely on Servcorp for up-to-the-minute assistance. They have high-grade corporate registration and virtual office solutions that will give you worthwhile value when it comes to establishing your Singaporean startu