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Servcorp in Singapore has a history of incubating one successful venture after another. Some continue to expand within Servcorp premises and enjoy the services for years and some others grow so big that they move happily into their own premises.

Servcorp has continually ensured that its offices are located at the most prestigious addresses in Singapore. Our CBD offices, at Six Battery Road, Suntec Tower Three and Marina Bay Financial Centre, have breathtaking views of the Singapore skyline.

In July 2012, Servcorp opened its 4th office in Singapore at the PSA Building located along Alexandra Road. This was in conjunction with its 25 years of operation in Singapore.

Read about the success story that transformed Servcorp from humble entrepreneurial beginnings into a global network.

  • Alf Moufarrige founded Servcorp in 1978
  • Servcorp pioneered the Virtual Office concept in 1980
  • Servcorp expanded to Singapore then throughout South East Asia, France and Japan.
  • Servcorp was publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (SRV) in 1999
  • Launch of Servcorp Online
  • Further global expansion

Alf Moufarrige, as the quintessential entrepreneur, was about to begin a new venture in 1978. First, he required an office space, receptionist and secretarial support, like any new business starting out. He quickly acknowledged that these overheads were eating into his profits and that he was not able to keep this team occupied 100% of the time. He looked to share the space, share a receptionist, share a secretary, share the costs, and reduce the overheads.

The idea of Servcorp began!

In a corner office space in the MLC Centre Sydney in 1978 he started with a piece of chalk to mark out the furniture. From here; the idea took hold and grew organically. As he sold one office, he acquired the next. The space quickly grew to one-quarter of a floor with 16 offices.

With enthusiasm, passion and a clear vision of why his formula of Serviced Offices 'multi-tenanted office accommodation' would work, he started to build Servcorp. Alf's formula was simple and he could explain it on the back of an envelope.

Servcorp, within 12 months, had two floors in the MLC Centre Sydney and a location in Melbourne CBD. To this day, the formula behind "Why Servcorp works" has not changed - provide the best city location; create a professional environment with the very technology solutions and team support. A Servcorp Serviced Office is the ideal choice for a company wanting the corporate presence, infrastructure and support of a multi-national without wanting to make the capital investment and commitment normally required. Alf was committed to providing the most cost-effective office solution which allowed clients to focus on their own business and not worry about running the office.

Alf recognised a growing number of home businesses looking for a cost effective city presence and his Servcorp formula was becoming an international success. Alf created the world's first "Virtual Office" in 1980. A Servcorp Virtual Office® allowing businesses to have the presence support and facilities of a serviced office without the cost of full time office space.

Servcorp, over the following years, expanded into Singapore, France, Japan and across South East Asia, closely followed by expansion into Belgium, the Middle East, China, India and New Zealand.

In 1999, Servcorp was publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (SRV).

34 years on, the formula remains the same: focus on providing business solutions to help our clients save time and money. Servcorp has become a global network which continues to expand. Servcorp's offering is now built around the converged network allowing clients ultimate portability and flexibility to do business at anytime, from anywhere in the world!